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Name Zombie Protector
Type Defense
Map Cape Warth
Level 1 Stats
HP 115-456*
MP 30-101*
Min Attack 15-20*
Max Attack 24-50*
Balance 39-78*
Crit 13-37%*
Crit Multiplier 166-199%*
Defense 7-17*
Protection 8-14*
Magic Attack 105-107%*
  • Stats of three ZPs.  More L1 Zombies are needed for a more accurate range.

Pet Summary[]

The re-animated fleshy corpse of a freshly-dead warrior, he'll protect you during your quest.

Pet Skill(s)[]

Skill Name

Advanced Counterattack

Advanced Wise


Advanced Life Drain

Slayer, Advanced Slayer

Advanced Ice Spear

Taunt, Advances Taunt

The stats of a level 71 zombie protector.

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