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Name Skeleton Warrior
Skeleton Pet Icon
Type Attack
Map Casterly Rock, The Gullet, Cape Warth,

The Bite

Level 1 Stats
HP 52-167
MP 35-84
Min Attack 20-50
Max Attack 36-88
Balance 56-78
Crit 13%-36%
Crit Multiplier 141%-181%
Defense 0-4
Protection 1-4
Magic Attack 100%-103%

NOTE: Need more data for accurate ranges. Current Count: ~7(Update as appropriate)

Pet Summary[]

Killed in a battle long ago, this dedicated fighter will rise from his grave to fight by your side. (Or slightly in front of you, if you're a squishy mage type.)

Pet Skill(s)[]

Advanced Aggressive
Advanced Defensive
Advanced Strong
Slayer/Advanced Slayer
Double Hit
Life Drain
Advanced Ice Spear
Good or Evil
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