Battle without End Wiki

The shop can be reached by opening the Help Panel and clicking on the shop icon. Upon entering the shop there will be a list of seven items under the "buy" column and seven others under the "gamble" column.  Items which are too expensive to purchase show up in red.  The shop refreshes every five minutes, replacing any bought items from both the regular shop and gambling.  Items gambled on will have their stats hidden, and a random price attached to them.  The price in gambling does not reflect the item's quality.

An explanation of the shop screen:

  1. The column that shows regular shop items.
  2. The column showing gambling items.
  3. An overview of a normal item.
  4. An empty spot where an item was purchased.
  5. An overview of a gamble item.
  6. Your current gold.
  7. Timer counting down until the shop resets
  8. Exit button, click this to return to the menu.

All items from the shop are based on a formula, and have a chance of receiving values of zero to that value.  Regular items bought will be determined using this formula:

3 * ( 1 + Luck / 400 )  *  (1 + Player CP / 1000)

Gambled items will be determined using this formula:

6 * ( 1 + Luck / 200)  *  (1 + Player CP / 700)

All items bought will behave similarly to a mob drop.