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Name Red Spider
Type Attack
Map Gairech Hill, Alby Peninsula, Forest of Souls
Level 1 Stats
HP 50-86
MP 32-46
Min Attack 20-30
Max Attack 30-47
Balance 37-79
Crit 11%-44%
Crit Multiplier 134%-360%
Defense 0-5
Protection 0-1
Magic Attack 100%-101%

Pet Summary[]

A spider, reddened with the blood of its foes. 

Pet Skill(s)[]

Skill Name
Aggressive, Advanced Aggressive

Double Hit, Advanced Double Hit

Advanced Fireball
Good or Evil, Advanced Good or Evil
Heal, Advanced Heal
Ice Spear
Injury Resile, Advanced Injury Resile
Meditation, Advanced Meditation
Taunt, Advanced Taunt
Wise, Advanced Wise
Advanced Thunder
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