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Red Bear Red Bear
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Type Attack
Map The Frozen Shore,  Filia
HP 20-108
MP 10-64
Attack Min 10-32
Attack Max 20-59
Balance 39-87
Crit 15%-38%
Crit Multiplier 131%-264%
Defense 0-2
Protection 0-2
Magic Attack 100%-101%

Pet Summary[]

The red bear isn't a bad first pet seeing as its one of the easier to acquire pets due to it being in a low CP area and the skillset availability is rather high. It's low defense and protection do not help it survive fights, however. 

Pet Skill(s)[]

Skill Name
Advanced Aggressive
Advanced Double Hit
Fireball, Advanced Fireball
Advanced Good or Evil
Life Drain, Advanced Life Drain
Meditation, Advanced Mediation
Injury Resile, Advanced Injury Resile
Advanced Taunt
Advanced Wisdom

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