Battle without End Wiki

Stat Skills[]

  • Aggressive - Increase pet's attack X*level
  • Defensive - Increase pet's defense X%*level
  • Slayer - Increase pet's critical rate X%, critical multiplier*2
  • Wisdom - Increase pet's MP X*level
  • Wise - Increase pet's magic attack X*level

Recovery Skills[]

  • Heal - Recover X*level Hp of the player and self per turn
  • Life Drain - Recover pet's hp when deal physical dmg to the enemy. Recover X% of the damage
  • Meditation - Recover X*level Mp of the player and self per turn

Defensive Skills[]

  • Counterattack - When hurt, 30% chance to counterattack the enemy, cause X% of the pet's dmg
  • Dodge - X% chance to avoid the dmg
  • Injury Resile - When hurt, 30% chance to resile X% of the enemy's dmg back
  • Taunt - Attract monster's attention, force him to attack you, reduce X% dmg received from the enemy

Offensive Skills[]

  • Double Hit - When deal physical attack, has X% chance to hit twice
  • Fireball - Cost X Mana, deals Y+Z*level damage. Debuff: Burn (cause enemy W*level dmg per turn, can be stacked)
  • Good or Evil - When deal physical damage, X% chance to cause double damage, Y% chance to recover enemy's hp


  • All skills have an advanced version in which the variable will be better. This is the orange number on a pets skill in game.