Battle without End Wiki


You start off in the Town of Beginner.  There are many progressively harder towns to do battle in, and each are accessible by visiting the options tab, then clicking the icon next to "Map".  If you hover over a location marker, the average Enemy Combat Power (CP) is displayed. Keep in mind, you have your own CP rating, so try to do battle within a reasonable area of your own CP.

Each map section has a Map Modifier, which is used in various calculations, such as Drops, and Pets Stats 

Town Name Avg. CP Available Pets Map Modifier
"Town of Beginner" 117 Brown Fox, Gray Fox, Red Fox, Town Rat 0
"Gairech Hill" 183 Rat Mage, Red Spider, Black Rat 0.4
"Alby Peninsula" 313 Black Rat, Wild Wolf, Werewolf 0.8
"Forest of Souls" 428 Gray Bear 1.2
"Filia" 570 Red Bear, Brown Bear 1.6
"The Frozen Shore" 771 2.0
"Ghost Hill" 941 Goblin Protector, Goblin ArcherGoblin Mage 2.4
"Misty Mountain" 1098 2.8
"The Bite" 1297 Skeleton Protector 3.2
"The Gullet" 1487 Skeleton Archer, Goblin Warrior, Skeleton Mage 3.6
"Casterly Rock" 1695 Skeleton Mage, Stone Sprite, Wind Sprite, Lightning Sprite 4.0
"Bone Cave" 1967 Stone Sprite 4.4
"Cape Warth" 2730 Zombie Protector 4.8
"Wyl" 3795 5.2
"Vaith" 7277 Holy Unicorn , Prairie Unicorn 5.6
"???" 26000 Holy Unicorn, Prairie Unicorn, Dark Dragon, Shining Dragon, Prairie Dragon 6.0