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About Battle without End Wikia

This is the original and unofficial wiki for the flash game; Battle without End by CritGame.

You can help this wiki grow by adding new pages, or expanding current pages, as long as your contributions follow these simple rules:

  1. Provide clear and understandable data designed to assist players.
  2. Do not link, post, or explain any exploitable bug(s) here.
    • If you need to report a bug, do so via the embedded flash game directions, or contact the developer directly

Getting Started

After choosing a name, race, and starting age, the main interface will open and battle will ensue.

The battle part of BwE is totally automatic.  However, some actions that are not performed automatically are...

  • Equipping Equipment  of various Qualities, bought from the Shop using Money or found as Drops by killing monsters.
  • Use Blacksmithing to increase the level of your gear
  • Finding pets with various skills, which will assist you in battle
  • Learning and ranking skills which will be used automatically in battle
  • Earning and setting titles to modify your stats
  • Traveling across different locations of the map to challenge progressively stronger enemies, some with titles of their own
  • Choosing to rebirth at a minimum age of 20 will resets level, age, and race but not skills and equipment and current AP (every 20 real minutes = one year in-game)

You can also look at the General Strategies and Tips page for some general guidelines that could help you do well in BwE.



Current Version: 1.5

Battle without End was published to Kongregate on Feb. 16th, 2013 by the developer CritGame.

CritGame is a solo developer, and BwE is his very first game. He originally derived his basis from a game called Mabinogi- but has decided to add more popular RPG elements to BwE. CritGame is a big fan of RPG games, and thus, created a game that he's sure the RPG fans can enjoy, while at the same time staying interested in providing consistant updates to the game.

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