Battle without End Wiki


Weapons, Armor, and Accessories are looted and bought in differing qualities.

Almost all Items have a set of base stats. These include:

Armor: Defense and Protection,
Weapons: Attack range, Balance and Crit.
Accessories have No base stats

Based on hints from the devloper, each item also has a relative CP level which we cannot see. Basically what this means is one time you may get a Felt Hat with 1 Defense and 1 Protection, the next time it may have 20 Defense and 30 Protection.


The quality of an item is a little easier to see since is it color coded. As the quality of an item goes up, the number of extra stats on the item goes up.

  • Basic
Basic Items have no extra stats.
  • Magic
Magic Items have one extra stat.
  • Rare
Rare Items have two extra stats.
  • Perfect
Perfect Items have three extra stats.
  • Epic
Epic Items have four extra stats.
  • Legendary
Legendary have five extra stats.