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Inventory Panel

Inventory Panel

Inventory Panel[]

  1. Change Panel
  2. Items
    • List of Items currently NOT equipped
  3. Equip and Sell buttons
  4. Selected Item
    • When an Item is selected, it will be highlighted in yellow
    • The Item information Box will open up (6)
    • The Item Comparison Box will open up (5)
    • The Blacksmithing box will populate with information (9 & 10)
  5. Equipped Item for comparison.
    • Note if no item, or incompatible item is currently equipped, this will not be shown.
  6. Selected Item's Stats
  7. Current number of items/Max number of items in Inventory
  8. Sorting options
    • You may either sort them by value of item, or by type.
    • By default, items are shown in the order they were looted.
  9. Blacksmithing Cost
    • The cost in gold to increase the item by +1, up to a maximum of +15
  10. Blacksmithing
    • Show Success Rate of current increase
    • Item Type (Boot, Jerkin, etc)
    • Auto increase toggle ( if you have sufficient Blacksmithing Skill)
    • Click Icon on right to Smith.