Note: This guide is a paraphrased tidbit from the chat of a player named Fallacia. It deals in high-efficiency gameplay for the first few hundred levels in Combat Power. It is not the only way to play Battle Without End, only one way. Parts of this guide may become obsolete as the game is updated.

Phase 1  - Quick Start (100-500 CP)Edit

  1. Choose a Dwarf, age 17, in favor of +Luck.
    • Continuously Rebirthing at age 17 is the best way to farm Ability Points (AP) - as long as you plan on being at your computer an hour later to re-Rebirth. It will only take one hour to reach level 20 when you can use Rebirth to begin again. If you are leaving the game on overnight, choose the lowest age (age 10) to benefit from the AP bonus.
  2. Stay in the first area - Town of Beginner.
  3. Begin upgrading your Blacksmithing skill, and continue to upgrade it throughout this process until it is maxed out at Level 1.
  4. Titles - Focus on +Luck titles, such as The Reborn and the "Forger" titles.
  5. Using Blacksmithing, upgrade every weapon you loot - Melee, Ranged, whatever - but do not upgrade armor or off-hand non-weapons like Tomes and Shields.
    • This is the most important part: Always equip the weapon that gives you the highest ATK (Attack). If you Blacksmith a different weapon to a higher ATK rating, no matter what it is, equip it. Due to the nature of Blacksmithing, a Normal (non-magic) weapon upgraded to +15 is far more powerful than a low-level Legendary at +14. This will cause a "Leapfrogging" effect as you upgrade/equip between 2 or more items. It is also much cheaper to upgrade weapons in the first area, making your rise to power that much more efficient.
  6. During this time, be on the lookout for +Luck equipment, especially Necklaces and Rings due to the way they upgrade. All other armor and stats are of secondary importance. 

Phase 2 - Choices (500+ CP)Edit

Once you have a hard-hitting weapon and Blacksmithing is maxed, you have a couple of options:

  1. Stay. Farm for even more +ATK and +Luck, kill the Region Boss repeatedly to get a Defense Pet with Taunt.
  2. Move onto a tougher area to loot and upgrade +Luck Necklaces and Rings, along with collecting more money for more upgrades.
  3. Do whatever you want.

More Luck means more and better drops. The advantage of Necklaces and Rings is that upgrading them increases each stat already on them (as opposed to only upgrading select stats on other equipment). So finding a Ring or Necklace with +Luck means you can upgrade it to get even more luck. Follow the same advice here as with Step #5 in Phase 1 - equip the gear with the highest +Luck, and leapfrog other +Luck gear to beat what you currently have.